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labs & Ultrasounds

At Vitallina we have the comprehensive health care services you need in order get your full blood work up and offer ultrasounds. Our staff will be sure to this process  quick and seamless for you and your family members. 


health consultations

Meet with Dr. Mincu at Vitallina to help you and your family prevent health issues. We strive to help our patients stay on course to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. We believe in medication consolidation, prevention medicine, and will run the full health consultation that will fit within your health benefit plan. 

Remote patient monitoring

At Vitallina we offer a concierges service through monitoring our patients biometrics and communicating through telemedicine. We understand the difficulty of getting to the doctors office, therefore we offer a full comprehensive health assessment program and provide clinical health care from a distance.

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The team at Vitallina will help you get on track and set up a healthier lifestyle. Our overall goal is to prevent high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart failure. We will put a weight loss program together with short and long term goals in place to make sure you have a successful journey to a healthier lifestyle.